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Welcome to SmartPC

SmartPC develops inteligent systems to facilitate your work, your business or your day-to-day routine.

Your employees of your company and your clients all have access to the same technology: the Internet. Using a browser, a client can give important information to your company. Receiving an email from your contact can be nice for your company, a completely filled form with contact details is also good, but SmartPC develops solutions that permit you to do much more ! You can let your client make an order of your own site, or let him register himself for a course or training that your company offers! With the system of SmartPC, you can automatically charge your client, and when this payments is delayed, the system automatically can charge fines and interest. With these solutions, your company is enabled to function more efficient, spends less time on ordinary tasks, and you can focus on more important areas. At the same time, you client is attended with quality and quick response.

An order can arive to you easily, increasing the possibility of more sales. And for other examples, the work that you would have normally (like filling a form or order by telephone, attending your client) will simply disappear, because this is taken care of by the system. It is beneficial for everybody.

And there is more: an administrative system can increase the quality of your company : if your client makes an order, and he is not attended in an established time, your system can advise you automatically. If a payment was not fullfilled in time, the system warns you. Reports help you to find errors and to maintain control, like thinks you need to pay and receive.

SmartPC develops administrative systems that help you process any type of data. Read more on the other sections of this site.


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