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Besides developing new software according to your needs, we have developed various products, here is a list of some examples that are available to you:

Inventory Light

This is the ideal system that enables you to make changes to your website. We have applied this system to various websites. Please get in touch with us to know more.

  • manage and change the content of your website
  • keep a register of your clientes, suppliers, employees and other contacts
  • edit the content directly on your site, besides the content management system
  • registration of payments and credits, saldos, contracts
  • balance, cash flow
  • registration of events and inscriptions for events
  • system for online voting

Site for condominium

We have a product ready for installation that is called "site for condominium" (portuguese only), which is based on Inventory Light. It is perfect for use in condominium of residential area, but also for comercial area. The system is contained of the website, which has a public and a restricted area, which is only acessible for users that login with credentials. Each resident can register his own information, such as contact details, and also search for other residents. He can leave messages on the forum, download documents such as regiment, reports, etc,  lookup addresses of services. There is also a function to send messages anonimously between residents.


System for GAS resale

For BrasilGas we have developed a management system that is used for GAS resale. The system is completely Internet based. It has client registration, online ordering, and complete control over the daily orders, many reports, and even the possibility for clients to make their order online.

When someone is calling, you only need to type the telefone number, the system looks up the contact and show previous orders. You can then add the new order, and a status screen shows all orders that are pending.

To get the system, there is no installation required, it is services online by SmartPC.

Restricted area for your clients

We offer the possibility to have a restricted area where your clients can:

  • post to a helpdesk. The client types his problem, which will be received by email, and can be treated by one of your employees within your company. All communication is retrievable, and clients have the possibility to re-open closed issues
  • view the financial status. The client can see which payments have already been paid, and also due payments
  • change his registered information


SmartPC is also a provider for your internet content. For low rates you can have your content provided. Get in contact to know more.

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