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Online editing

This means changing the content on the same place as where your client actually sees it.

For example, you can see at the side a ordinary website, which is actually an online manual. There is a structure of clickable options, and the user normally would navigate these options to see the desired content. Nothing of this is editable to the end-user, it is only used as a reference. The layout could be any other one.

The structure and the content come from the Inventory Light system, and can be changed in the CMS normally by the administrator, or indicated users.

But there is also the possibility to login in the CMS, and THEN open the same link. Initially it would look all the same, but in fact it is then possible to place the cursor at any spot in the content and then start typing ! As soon as the first character is typed, the screen changes to the following image.




On the side you can see that there is now a cursor, because an extra space was typed at the end., and that there are now also two buttons that appeared: save and cancel. So this way it is possible to make your changes, and then save. Note that a revision is saved for every change, so that any change can be reviewed or retrieved later, if necessary.

One page could have various content elements, for each element the same process works, that even checks for the access rights of the current user, so that only that content can be edited by allowed users.





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