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Site for condominium

Do you live in a condominium, or are you responsible for the administration?  Then we have a wonderful solution for you, the site for condominium. The site consists of the following three main parts:

  • A public site, that is available to anyone to access, where you can place general information, apointments, agendas for the general public, and houses/offices for sale or for rent
  • An internal site, only accessible for the internal residents that are living or renting inside the condominium. There are several great tools within the internal site, see below
  • A management system, which allows you to configure and manage everything

The public site

The public site is open for anybody, just type the URL of your condominium, and the main page will be displayed with a menu. The options are fully customizable by the management system.

The internal site

The internal site can only be accessed with username and password. Every internal resident can make his own registration, such as names, emails, childnames, vehicles etc. All this information can also be searched by other residents.

There are also several other tools:

  • forum - where the resident can respond to any subject posted by the administrator
  • message - to leave a general message, visible to everyone
  • voting - to vote to a subject posted by the administrator. A vote is only accepted once per resident, and votes can be configured to be valid untill a specific date/time, so that this is a perfect solution for online voting !
  • downloads - the administrator can place documents in any file format available to download, in a hierchic structure such as windows explorer
  • mailing - the system allows easy mailing to everybody
  • services - any resident can consult and register services, such as cleaning, gardening, babysitting, food delivery and so on. This makes it very easy to share and improve security (by using only people that have been contracted before)
  • helpdesk - a very useful feature, that enables the residents to place a helpdesk issue, which is sent to the administration system, and also by mail. The subjects can be treated by multiple persons indicated by the administration, and all communication is organized centrally.

The administration system

The administration system is an advanced tool, accessible only by user and password. With the tool the whole content of the website can be managed, including menus.  All posted items can be reviewed and deleted if necessary. The content management system allows you to see older revisions, see when content was changed etc.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information !

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